The Leftovers

Short synopsis

A group of five diverse people have challenged themselves to drive 2000 km down the east coast of Australia in a veggie oil powered van, living on nothing but waste. With zero money but plenty of passion they put both themselves and society to the test.

Long synopsis

Join us on this dumpster diver adventure with long term devotes Paul and Mykel as your tour guides on their waste fuelled journey down the east coast of Australia. With no money, no food, driving only on vegetable fuel they plan to drive 2000 km in 7 days living on nothing but societies waste.

Along on the trip they bring with them Nick from Scotland who?s in for the thrill, Sofia an international student from Sweden who wants to see more of Australia and Krystal who just wants to get out of Brisbane. The three new apprentices have never been dumpster diving before and they have no idea what to expect.

For the least experienced of the team, will their first adrenalin-pumping dive into dumpster living be remembered as the dawn of a new age or the holiday from hell? Far from the basic comforts of home, faced with the uncertainty of not knowing when and where their next meal will come from, they can only hope for fun times ahead.