The Leftovers


Michael Cavanagh has been working in the activist video genre for the last five years and has a long and ongoing relationship with the dumpster diving community across Australia. He now aims to connect to a broader audience using humour, art, drama and narrative to convey issues he believes in passionately.

Michael's CV (pdf)

Michael Cavanagh

Kerstin ‹belacker got in touch with the underground culture dumpster divers in her first documentary Grow Your Resistance! She aims to use the documentary genre to explore individuals motives for engaging in something much bigger than themselves. In 2006 she spend a year working as assistant to producer/director Peter Hegedus in Brisbane, Australia.

Kerstin's CV (pdf)

Kerstin ‹belacker


WG Film

In Sweden famous for local stories with universal understanding, WG Film has been producing and developing author driven documentaries since 1994. They have also been active in the international co-financing world with five documentaries sold to over forty broadcasters in 25 countries. Now WG film also develops fiction projects for TV and cinema.